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6250 Cross Bone Clipper is a set of the Pirates theme released in 1997. It contains a one-masted pirate ship and three pirates.


The ship is armed with a cannon and its rudder can be moved from the interior. The single cannon is mounted on one of the ship's sides and not in the center.


Robin Loot was canonically the former gunner of the Cross Bone Clipper, although she is apparently neither of the pirate minifigures depicted in this set.

In The Mysterious Sea Monster... No Match for the Maniac, it is revealed that Captain Redbeard ended up sinking the Cross Bone Clipper. Diver Dan and Scuba Sandy salvage the treasure from the shipwreck, but Barracuda steals the treasure chest in his Aqua Dozer, so the LEGO Maniac combines the Cross Bone Clipper's mast with the Sting Ray Explorer in order to catch Barracuda.[1]


  • The included sail was only available in this set.
  • This is the second one-masted ship of the Pirates after 6268 Renegade Runner and the last new ship until 2009.
  • It is Captain Redbeard's only ship not to be a schooner.

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