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6253 Shipwreck Hideout is a Pirates set released in 2009. It was a Toys 'R' Us exclusive set in the United States.


This set contained one hideout used by the Pirates, a small boat, six minifigures: two Imperial Soldiers, Pirate, Lady Pirate, Captain Brickbeard, and a Pirate Skeleton, a Crow's nest used as a look-out post and a cannon. This is the only set to contain a tan rope bridge. The bridge can be tipped over to make the Imperial Soldiers fall. There is a hole in the captain's cabin that you can drop a skull through to scare the Imperial Soldiers below. There is also a blade guarding the treasure.


  • This set was featured in LEGO Universe as a model called Shipwreck Hideout 4, due to the fact that there were more models.


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