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6256 Islander Catamaran is an Islanders set released in 1994. It contains a catamaran, two islanders and a crocodile.


The two included minifigures are King Kahuka and a female islander. The only weapons they carry are three spears, though King Kahuka also has his sceptre. Items on board include a drum with the rare zebra-striped drumheads, and two red parrots which may represent ornaments.


  • The only other set that contained the triangular islander sail was 6278 Enchanted Island (and also its rerelease)
  • While the typical setting for Pirates-themes sets would be the Caribbean Sea, in reality the catamaran was a vessel style used by Polynesian cultures of the South Pacific.
  • The catamaran appears in the video game LEGO Racers on the Tribal Island Trail track in the second and fifth circuits.


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