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6262 King Kahuka's Throne, released as 6262 Indigo Throne Cave in the United Kingdom, is a Pirates set released in 1994. It contains a stone monument with a worshipping place; three islanders, including King Kahuka himself and his two sons Kothu and Thu; a litter for carrying Kahuka; a small pirate sailing boat; two pirates, First Mate Rummy and Gonzo Goldbar; and a crocodile.


The "throne" is actually just a stand for the litter where the king is supposed to sit on, which is positioned in front of a small cave. The cave consists of a large rock piece featuring the head of a Tiki Golem statue, which is completely identical to the head of the large statue from 6278 Enchanted Island; the litter is also identical to its counterpart from the Enchanted Island set. A bonfire and a drum with a zebra-striped drumhead are also positioned on either side of the throne, and a treasure chest is contained in the cave.


According to Shop At Home product descriptions (such as in the Holiday 1995 catalog),[1] the two generic Islanders carrying King Kahuka's litter are his sons. This corresponds with German audio dramas referring to Chief Quextil (i.e. King Kahuka) as having two sons, Kothu and Thu. Therefore, while never directly confirmed, it can be reasonably assumed that Kothu and Thu are represented by the two Islanders in this set.

King Kahuka's Throne appears in LEGO Racers, located in the cave near the end of Tribal Island Trail.

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Imagine the adventures you can have with two pirates, a row boat, a treasure map - and the island's most valuable treasure, hidden inside King Kahuka's Throne. The King, his two sons, and a fierce crocodile are ready to protect the treasure at any cost! Ages 7-12. 141 pieces.

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