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6262 King Kahuka's Throne is a Pirates set released in 1994. It contains a stone monument with a worshipping place, three islanders, including King Kahuka himself, a litter, a small sailing boat with two pirates and a crocodile.


The "throne" is actually just a stand for the litter where the king is supposed to sit on and is positioned in front of a small cave, which consists of a rectangular BURP and contains a treasure chest. On top of the rock is a head of statue, which is completely identical to the head of the large statue from 6278 Enchanted Island. The litter is also identical to its counterpart from the Enchanted Island. In front of the cave are also a fireplace and a drum with a zebra-striped drumhead. An actual throne for King Kahuka was included in the set 6236 King Kahuka.


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