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6263 Imperial Outpost is a Pirates set released in 1995. It contains an outpost of the Imperial Guards with Admiral Woodhouse, two soldiers, and rowing boat with First Mate Rummy.


The outpost is a two storey building with a jail cell and a guard room on the ground floor and a cannon on the first floor. On the ground level is also a water-filled archway where boats can pass through. The guard room contains a table with two cups. In front of this room is a hatch under which four gold coins are hidden. The prison cell can be reached via a back door and its front wall with the lattice is fixed on a pin and can be turned to the side. The cannon on the first floor is mounted on a 4x4 turntable. There is the small lantern that hangs in front of the jail cell.


  • This is seen by some as the successor to the 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up (available 1991-1993) in terms of size and features.[1]
  • 6263 Imperial Outpost when introduced was the sole Imperial Guards set available worldwide, as all other of the Guards' sets released in 1992-93 had been discontinued.[2]
  • This is the first inexpensive set to contain Admiral Woodhouse's figure, which was previously found only in the 6271 Imperial Flagship and 6277 Imperial Trading Post, both of which were no longer available after 1994.
  • While the Imperial Guards was replaced with the Imperial Armada faction in 1996, 6263 Imperial Outpost remained available that year reclassified as part of the Armada side.

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