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6265 Sabre Island, known as Governor's Bastion in the UK, is an Imperial Soldiers set designed by Niels Milan Pedersen[3] and released in 1989 as a part of the Pirates theme. The set includes 92 pieces and three Minifigures: an Imperial Officer and two Imperial Soldiers.



The three-story outpost building is the main part of the set. This consists of a tower, with a gate on one side. A flagpole with a flag connected onto it connects onto the top of the first story. On the third story there is a low wall.
Next to the tower, there is a small wall that encloses a cannon. At least six cannon balls are included in the set.

The other parts of the set are a palm tree and a red boat.


The set includes three minifigures: an Imperial Officer and two Imperial Soldiers.


The set includes several accessories. Among these are two muskets, three cutlasses, a pistol, two oars, and two brown backpacks. There is also a short flagpole for the small Imperial Soldiers flag, and a lance (from Lego Castle) to mount the large Imperial Soldiers flag.

Minifigures Included


  • Not to be confused with 6276 Governor's Fort Sabre (the UK set name, for what is known as Eldorado Fortress in Canada and the USA). Hence the name for 6265 was Governor's Bastion in the UK.


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