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6265 Sabre Island is an Imperial Soldiers set released in 1989 as a part of the Pirates theme. The set includes 92 pieces and three MinifiguresLt. de Martinet and two Imperial Soldiers.



The three-story outpost building is the main part of the set. This consists of a tower, with a gate on one side. A flagpole with a flag connected onto it connects onto the top of the first story. On the third story there is a low wall.
Next to the tower, there is a small wall that encloses a cannon. At least six cannon balls are included in the set.

The other parts of the set are a palm tree and a red boat.


The set includes three minifigures: Lt. de Martinet and two Imperial Soldiers.


The set includes several accessories. Among these are two muskets, three cutlasses, a pistol, two oars, and two brown backpacks.

Minifigures Included

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