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6268 Renegade Runner is a set of the Pirates theme released in 1993. It contains a one-masted pirate ship and four pirates.


At the rear of the ship contains a traditional pirate flag mounted on a pole. On the 'higher' rear deck, there are several utilities including flintlock pistols, cutlasses, a map and a compass piece with a brown ladder descending to the 'lower' haul of the ship. Compared to other larger ships, the Renegade Runner doesn't have a ship's wheel to steer (although there is a rudder and compass) nor anchor nor a cabin. Along the rims of the ship are black plates and slope pieces generally to represent a railing or fence on most other ships of the theme.

The ship is armed with a single cannon (unshootable in the USA version of the set) that is mounted to a 4x4 turntable in the centre of the hull. Unlike earlier medium and large ships in the Pirates theme whose cannons fire through gunports, this ship's cannon fires over the railing. The centre is also where the 'hidden' treasure chest is located.

Near the front deck of the ship contains the single mast, pirate flag and sails which connect by string to the rear flag and small front sail of the ship. Unlike other Lego ships, the bow of the ship doesn't have a figurehead/statue (usually a minifigure) below the front mast, instead there is a dragon plume mounted on light grey angle pieces with a string piece attaching the the mast.

The four minifigures consist of Captain IronHook, a pirate with a black tricorne hat and blue jacket (First Mate Rummy is similar but has a brown hat), and two pirates with bandanas.

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The Pirates, led by Captain Redbeard, are a powerful force of renegades. No Imperial treasure is safe when these seafaring mates are around. Their sailing ships are as fast as anything in the Imperial fleet. Their island outposts are fortified and well hidden. Whether on sea or land, they are a strong adversary for Governor Broadside and the Imperial Guards.

The Pirate adventure really begins with you, the LEGO Maniac®. Using your imagination and the building sets from the LEGO SYSTEM? Pirate collection you can create your own exciting high seas adventures. Who will control the enormous royal treasure, the Pirates or the Imperial Guards? Only you can decide because... you're in control of the action... you're in charge of the fun... you're the LEGO Maniac!


This was one of several ships Captain IronHook used to travel on the seas with his crew.

Despite Captain IronHook and Captain Redbeard nominally on the same side when facing the Imperial Guard[1], the two pirate captains are not on friendly terms especially if treasure is being disputed.[[2]]

Minifigures included[]


  • At the time of its release it was the smallest Lego Pirates ship (as opposed to a rowboat or sailing boat) that is constructed using the same (albeit fewer) ship sections as larger vessels such as 6271 Imperial Flagship (whom with which it shares the 12 stud hull cross-section, while the 6286 Skull's Eye Schooner has a 16 stud hull cross-section).[3]
    • This ship and the slightly smaller 6250 Cross Bone Clipper are the only Lego Pirates ships not to have middle hull sections, as their hulls consist of just bow and stern sections.
  • The ship is a simplified sloop and is the only truly fore-and-aft rigged ship of the Pirates theme since it doesn't have square rigs.
  • The jib (the foremost staysail) is the same as in 6286 Skull's Eye Schooner.
  • The striped gaff mainsail with the Jolly Roger pattern was only available in this set.
  • In the commercial for Canada and the USA, the 6286 Skull's Eye Schooner and 6268 Renegade Runner are destroyed by the cannons of the 6277 Imperial Trading Post.[4]
  • In the Japanese market commercial, Captain Redbeard's 6286 Skull's Eye Schooner spots Captain IronHook's 6268 Renegade Runner with the treasure, and the two ships grapple with a tug of war over the treasure chest.[5]
  • 6268 Renegade Runner appears in the video game LEGO Racers on the Pirate Skull Pass track in the third and sixth circuits engaged in a battle with the 6286 Skull's Eye Schooner.
  • The unnamed pirates look like an older version of Port and Starboard Broadside.


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