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6270 Forbidden Island is a Pirates set released in 1989. It contained a pirate hideout, a boat, three pirates (including Captain Redbeard and First Mate Rummey), a captive imperial soldier, a monkey, a parrot and a shark. It includes 176 pieces and is intended for children ages seven through twelve.


On the island is a staircase that goes up to a rope bridge which leads to the first floor of a small building, where a trapdoor leads down to a prison cell on the ground floor. There is also a tall mast with a crow's nest on its top. Also included are a cannon and a treasure chest.

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Sometime during the 18th century, a peaceful colony of settlers enjoying the island treasures they discovered, suddenly had their serenity interrupted. The invaders were those who called themselves the LEGOLAND Pirates of the Sea! For years, the Pirates had been searching for the same buried treasures that the settlers were now claiming as their own. This, of course, disturbed the Pirates as they knew the doubloons (Spanish gold coins) the settlers found had belonged to their ancestors.

Forbidden Island was named by the settlers because to them it was forbidden. It was the island where only Pirates could live.  It was there that Captain Red Beard and the other buccanneers made plans to "steal" the gold from the settlers. Little did the Pirates know, however, that the settlers had Governor Broadside guarding the gold and that they would have to deal with him first if they wanted it.

The Governor lived for the day he would have to defend the Eldorado Fortress and the gold.  What he did not know was that the day of confrontation would be coming soon...

Use your imagination to continue The Adventures of the LEGOLAND Pirates of the Sea!


  • This is was one of the initial sets and also the first outpost of the Pirates. It was succeeded by the bigger 6273 Rock Island Refuge in 1991, with both sets being sold alongside each other in 1991 and 1992.
  • The island appears in the video game LEGO Racers on the Pirate Skull Pass track in the third and sixth circuits not as an island but as a fort.


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