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6270 Forbidden Island is a Pirates set released in 1989. It contained a pirate hideout, a boat, three pirates (including Captain Redbeard and First Mate Rummey), a captive imperial soldier, a monkey, a parrot and a shark. It includes 176 pieces and is intended for children ages seven through twelve.


On the island is a staircase that goes up to a rope bridge which leads to the first floor of a small building, where a trapdoor leads down to a prison cell on the ground floor. There is also a tall mast with a crow's nest on its top. Also included are a cannon and a treasure chest.


  • This is was one of the initial sets and also the first outpost of the Pirates. It was replaced by the bigger 6273 Rock Island Refuge in 1991.
  • The island appears in the video game LEGO Racers on the Pirate Skull Pass track in the third and sixth circuits not as an island but as a fort.


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