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6279 Skull Island is a Pirates set released in 1995. It contains pirate outpost with a rowing boat and four pirates, including , and another rowing boat of the Imperial Guard with an officer and a soldier. Also included are a monkey and a parrot.


The pirate outpost consists of a large cave with a building on its top and a long jetty with a cannon. The cave's main entrance is blocked by a large rock in the shape of a giant skull, which can be swiveled to the side. In the room above the cave is a table with a bottle and a goblet. The table is built onto a hatch that can be folded up to reveal a weapon stash fixed to its underside. On the roof, mounted onto a 4x4 tuntable, is a crane with a winch, that can be used to move around some of five included barrels.

The set also includes a treasure chest filled with four gold coins.

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Captain Redbeard and his renegade Pirates want to get their hands on the Imperial gold.  With the building sets from the LEGO SYSTEM Pirate collection, only you, the LEGO MANIAC, can help keep the gold with its rightful owners.


  • This is the third Pirates HQ of the Pirates after 6270 Forbidden Island (1989-1992) and 6273 Rock Island Refuge (1991-1993). Between the discontinuation of 6273 Rock Island Refuge and the release of 6279 Skull Island, there was no Pirates HQ base for the 1994 year.
  • The island appears as a fort in the video game LEGO Racers on the Pirate Skull Pass track in the third and sixth circuits.


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