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6285 Black Seas Barracuda is a Pirates set released in 1989. It contains 865 pieces and eight minifigures.

In 2002, it was re-released as the LEGO Legend 10040 Black Seas Barracuda which is largely identical to the original 1989 set. It was the inspiration for the LEGO Ideas set 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay which contains two builds; one is the completed ship, the second build is the dismantling of the modular vessel combined with an island to produce a shipwreck pirate headquarters.[1]


The Black Seas Barracuda looks like a typical brig with two square-rigged masts. Although it has a gaff and a boom on the aft most mast, there is no spanker sail. The ship is armed with four cannons, two on each side. There are also four cargo bays, each covered with a hatch. The stern castle houses the captain's quarters which can be accessed by folding down the wall at the stern.

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Sometime during the 18th century, a peaceful colony of settlers enjoying the island treasures they discovered, suddenly had their serenity interrupted. The invaders were those who called themselves the LEGOLAND Pirates of the Sea! For years, the Pirates had been searching for the same buried treasure that the settlers were now claiming as their own. This, of course, disturbed the Pirates as they knew the doubloons (Spanish gold coins) the settlers found had belonged to their ancestors.

The first to hear the news that the settlers had discovered treasure was Captain Redbeard, captain of the Pirate ship Black Seas Barracuda. The Captain decided to gather his men, load his cannons and set sail to reclaim the Pirate treasures from the Eldorado Fortress. High winds, turbulent waters and tornado-like storms would have overwhelmed most, but not the Pirates, for they knew what fortunes lay ahead.

Just then, looming off in the horizon the Captain noticed the outline of an object. "What could it be?", he thought to himself, "Perhaps the trip will not be as easy as I thought..."

Use your imagination to continue The Adventures of the LEGOLAND Pirates of the Sea!


  • The Black Seas Barracuda was also used in LEGO Universe, as Captain Jack Knife's pirate ship.
  • It was known as the Dark Shark in the United Kingdom, and the succeeding 6286 Skull's Eye Schooner (known as Black Skull in the United Kingdom) has been nicknamed Dark Shark II.
  • The set sold worldwide except for USA and Canada includes shooting cannons.
    • In the first release of the set for USA the Black Seas Barracuda came with shooting cannons, but shortly after this was changed to non-shooting cannons to comply with regulations in that market. In 1992 which was the final year of the set's release, the non-shooting cannons had a touch hole and crossed cannon emblem added to the top.

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