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6286 Skull's Eye Schooner a.k.a. Dark Shark II or Black Skull is a Pirates set released in 1993. It includes a large three-masted pirate ship, nine pirates, a rowboat, and a shark.

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The Pirates, led by Captain Redbeard, are a powerful force of renegades. No Imperial treasure is safe when these seafaring mates are around. Their sailing ships are as fast as anything in the Imperial fleet. Their island outposts are fortified and well hidden. Whether on sea or land, they are a strong adversary for Governor Broadside and the Imperial Guards.

The Pirate adventure really begins with you, the LEGO Maniac®. Using your imagination and the building sets from the LEGO SYSTEM? Pirate collection you can create your own exciting high seas adventures. Who will control the enormous royal treasure, the Pirates or the Imperial Guards? Only you can decide because... you're in control of the action... you're in charge of the fun... you're the LEGO Maniac!


The ship is armed with four cannons, although the four hatches on each side suggest a twice as big armament. The cannons are mounted on 4x4 turntables that can slide all the way from port to starboard, allowing them to be easily positioned on either side of the ship. There are also two smaller cannons on either side of the poop deck, but those are not functional.

The interior of the aftcastle can be accessed by opening its sidewalls as well as detaching a piece of the poop deck. Through the aftcastle runs a piece of the mechanism that allows the rudder to be moved by turning the steering wheel.


  • The Skull's Eye Schooner replaces the Black Seas Barracuda from 1989 as the pirates' flagship. It is also bigger than its predecessor and only one of two ships of the Pirates theme with three masts.
  • Although it is called a "schooner," it is actually a primarily square-rigged ship.
  • The schooner appears in the video game LEGO Racers on the Pirate Skull Pass track in the third and sixth circuits, engaged in a battle with the 6268 Renegade Runner.
  • This was the biggest LEGO ship from 1993 to 2010, when the set 10210 Imperial Flagship was released.


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