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6292 Enchanted Island was a set in the Pirates line of LEGO. It was one of three Pirates sets that were rereleased in 2001 and is in particular a reissue of the 1994 set 6278 Enchanted Island. It contains a part of a tropical island with several structures and a large statue, a small sailing boat of the pirates, an outrigger canoe and seven minifigures, including two pirates and five islanders.


The Enchanted Island consists of two rare baseplates (one raised, one flat) with a curved waterway and features ruins, a shack and a large stone statue. The ruins have two levels and a basement with a hiding-place for a treasure chest. The top-most level can be reached via a ladder and contains a flame. Its roof is covered by palm leaves. The ground floor is on the same level as the ridge of the raised baseplate. Next to the ruins is a table and farther away a platform with a drum on it. On the flat baseplate is a two-storey shack. The top-floor can be reached via a ladder and is connected to the ruins via a rope bridge which can be brought to tumble when pulling out a Technic pin. Next to the shack is a fireplace. On the far end of the plate is a large statue which has the same head also found on King Kahuka's throne, but is here mounted on a 2×2 turntable. The body is hollow and serves as a jail cell.

Among the Islanders is King Kahuka and a female islander. Captain Ironhook is the captain of the renegade faction, and he is accompanied by Darwin the Pirate.

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Only the Islanders know what dangers lurk in their remote tropical habitat. What will the Pirates find in this bizarre land? With building sets from the LEGO SYSTEM? Pirate collection, only you, the LEGO MANIAC?, can help discover this strange new world.


  • This set included a variety of animals and plants, including a parrot, crocodile, and rare monkey.
  • This set also included two large, unusual baseplates. One of them included a raised mountain-like terrain.
  • It was included in K6290 Classic Pirates Kit. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

There's action and danger on Pirate Island!
You'll find plenty of pirate adventure on Pirate Island! There are plenty of fierce pirates and island natives, plus a canoe, a pirate vessel, pirate treasure, hungry crocodile, and much more.

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