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6334 Wave Jump Racers is a Town set released in 1996 as part of the Race line. It contains a lifeguard tower, a 4WD with a boat trailer, a small motorboat, two jet skis and four Minifigures, one of which is named Indy LeMans.


The lifeguard tower is built onto a small patch of beach (yellow 6x16 plate) and contains a seat and a megaphone. Next to the tower is a palm tree and a red fence piece.

The two jet skis are identical in design to the one from 6517 Water Jet and are labeled with the numbers "5" and "8" (Set 6517 features number "3"). The race organizer on his motorboat is equipped with a checkered flag and a megaphone. The set also includes two buoys to show the race course.


  • The lifeguard tower features the Coast Guard logo that was first introduced in 1989, which also made its final appearance in 1996 in this set along with two others, them being (4022 C26 Sea Cutter and 6518 Baja Buggy). The lifeguard Minifigure wears the coast guard uniform that was introduced one year before in 6338 Hurricane Harbor.
  • This set is identical to the appearance of the location on the beach in LEGO Island where you build the jet ski. In addition, the jet ski is identical to the one in built in the same game.

Minifigures Included

Indy LeMans

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