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6335 Indy Transport is a Town set released in 1996 as part of the Race line. It contains a semitrailer truck, three Formula 1 racing cars and three racing driver minifigures: Turbo Charger in #2, Mandy the Mechanic in #5, and Eddie Octane in #6. It has 384 pieces.


  • One of the racing drivers also has to drive the truck, as there is no separate truck driver included. The truck is labeled with the Octan-logo. The semi-trailer has a small compartment where tools and spare wheels are stored. The set also includes a blue car jack and a red two-wheel dolly.
  • The racing cars have the numbers "2", "5" and "6". Number "1" and "3" were included in 6337 Fast Track Finish and number "4" in 6546 Slick Racer. These six racers shared a common design and were all released in 1996.
  • The tractor unit contained a "sleeper" at its back, which didn't provide enough room for a minifigure though. It also was similar in design to the ones included in 6346 Shuttle Launching Crew and 6348 Surveillance Squad, but those versions had a bullbar at the front, as well as different exhaust pipes.
  • The green car appears in the first Lego Island game as the car you can build before racing. Eddie Octane also appears as Studs Linkin.

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