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6339 Shuttle Launch Pad is a Launch Command set released in 1995.


The set is LEGO's second model of a space shuttle and its launch pad after 1682 Space Shuttle from 1990 and is similar in design to that older set. It is composed of a shuttle with external tank and Solid Rocket Boosters (SRB), a satellite that can be carried in the Shuttle's cargo bay, a launch pad with a small mission control center, and a crawler-transporter to carry the shuttle to the launch pad. There are four minifigures: an astronaut, Becky Blastinoff and two mechanics. The small control center contained several computer screens as well as a HUD-like interface on its windows. There was an elaborate process of making the orbiter ready for launch. First, the external tank had to be lifted onto a mounting which was then retracted into the launch tower. Then the shuttle could be lifted onto the crawler which moved closer to the tower from which the mounting with the tank was pushed out until it connected to the shuttle.


  • The set is one of the more realistic of the Space sets, due to features such as a fully functional crane on the launch pad that can lift the shuttle off the crawler onto the launch pad and the movable robot arm in the shuttle, as well as its relatively close resemblance to the actual space shuttle. This even compares with the set 6456 Mission Control from Space Port, which is the equivalent set in the theme that succeeded Launch Command.
  • The set included shuttle bears the number "2", while the shuttle in 6544 Shuttle Transcon 2 (which was identical to the one here) bears the number "3". This is a tribute to the shuttle that appeared in 6346 Shuttle Launching Crew from 1992, which was actually the first space shuttle of the space agency featured in Launch Command. Whereas the orbiter in 1682 Space Shuttle was emblazoned with the NASA logo.
  • This set is also seen in the sci-fi television series Stargate SG-1 in the episode "Cold Lazarus" (first aired August 29, 1997). It is seen in the main character Jack O'Neill's son's room.

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