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6342 Beach Rescue Chopper is a Flight set released in 1993. It contains an amphibious rescue helicopter with pontoons, a small sailing catamaran and three minifigures, including the skipper of the boat and the crew of the chopper. It has 143 pieces.


The helicopter has a large compartment behind the pilot seat. From a winch at the interior runs a rope over an extendable arm at the opening at the chopper's left. Beneath the cockpit is a rotatable array of searchlights. The helicopter is labeled with the LEGO Coast Guard logo of the early 1990s.

The catamaran sailboat has a rotable mast with a sail that was usually seen on windsurf boards. Both the skipper of the catamaran and one of the coast guards wear lifevests.


The crew of the chopper wears the red coast guard uniform that was established with 6387 Coastal Rescue Base in 1989, but was eventually superceded by a newer version that first appeared in 6338 Hurricane Harbor in 1995.

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