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6346 Shuttle Launching Crew is a Town Flight set released in 1992. It contains a semitrailer-truck with a space shuttle on its trailer and an escort consisting of two motorcycles and a car, as well as five Minifigures, including an astronaut.


The shuttle's cargo bay contains a gripper arm and a small satellite. The orbiter is similar in design to the one from 1682 Space Shuttle but this time the vehicle belongs to a fictional space agency whose logo consisted of red and blue lines with a hook. A pattern that was repriced in the Launch Command theme from 1995.


  • The tractor unit is virtually identical to the one from 6348 Surveillance Squad, except the light bars and the police signs. Another similar tractor was included in 6335 Indy Transport, although that version lacked the bull bar and had different exhaust pipes.
  • The set, still in the box, makes an appearance in the penultimate scene of The Firm (1993), as Tom Cruise's character searches through the contents of a bookshelf strewn about the floor of his home.


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