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6353 Coastal Cutter is a set of the Nautica theme released in 1991. It contains a blue and white ship with a dinghy and two minifigs.


The cutter's superstructure comprised of an open bridge at the top with an empty room below it that could not be accessed without tearing apart the deckhouse. At the aft is a mechanism with a retractable hook for launching and retrieving the dinghy. The rubber wheels on the sides are used to operate the winch that pulls back the hook.


  • Although this seems to be a Coast Guard ship (it was labeled with the LEGO Coast Guard logo introduced in the set 6387 Coastal Rescue Base from 1989) the crew was wearing police uniforms.
  • The cutter carried the number C12. Its colour scheme and some design princples were picked up by another Coast Guard ship, 4022 C26 Sea Cutter released in 1996.

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