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6366 Fire & Rescue Squad is a Town set released in 1984. It contains a red fire engine, a small red fire truck, a motorcycle, and three firemen minifigures.


There are three vehicles in this set, the truck, the car and the motorcycle. The main part of the motorcycle is red, with a yellow light on the front and a blue one on the back. Just under the blue light on each side there is a 1x2 flat white piece. The car's main colour is red, and it has two blue lights on the roof. The glass is transparent white, and there is two yellow lights and a black guard on the front. The truck has four red wheel hubs underneath a red body. It has a black guard and two yellow lights under a transparent white glass. On the roof of the cab it has two blue lights. On the back there is a black winch and a rope, with a hose. There is a ladder on the top at the back.


  • The fire engine is equipped with a turntable ladder and a hose reel.
  • This is one of only four sets to include Part x473.
  • The helmet of the motorcycle firefighter has no screen.

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