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6377 Delivery Center is a Town set released in 1985. It contains 283 pieces to build a cargo centre, an air freighter, a cargo truck, a forklift and four minifigures.


  • The building contains a small office and a storage room with a sliding door. The white sliding door piece was only available in two other sets. The packages are simple yellow 2x2 bricks.
  • The aircraft's interior can be accessed by opening the roof.
  • This was the second and also the last set that featured the yellow cargo logo introduced in 6391 Cargo Center from 1984. The logo consisted of two yellow boxes and two yellow arrows pointing away from them. It was succeeded by a cargo logo with one large arrow in the background in 6361 Mobile Crane from 1986.
  • The van featured in this set was a recoloured White and Blue version of the set 6624 Delivery Van of 1983.

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