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6381 Motor Speedway is a Race set that was released in 1987. It contains the start/finish line of a Formula 1 circuit with accompanying support facilities, a camera stand, two race cars and five minifigures, including two pilots and a mechanic.



6381 Motor Speedway in a European catalogue.

Above the finish line runs an arc with start lights. The pit stop contains a car jack, an oil drum, a tool rack with a hammer and a wrench, a fire extinguisher and spare wheels. On the opposite side of the race track is a race control tower with a camera stand next to it. The camera uses a film reel and is mounted on a 2x2 turntable.

Both race cars share the same design and differ only in colour. They are labelled with the numbers "2" and "3".


  • This set is the first LEGO Town Formula 1 race track and was superseded just one year later with 6395 Victory Lap Raceway.
  • The baseplate with the race track print first appeared here. It was later reused in another Formula 1 related set, 6395 Victory Lap Raceway (1988) and made its last appearance in 4555 Freight Loading Station (1995), which interestingly had nothing to do with racing.
  • Unlike other race track sets, the design of the cars from this set was not reused by other models.

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