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6388 Holiday Home with Campervan is a Town themed set, that was released in 1989. It contains 334 pieces to construct a house, a campervan with a boat trailer, a car, a bike, and four minifigs.


The house consists of only one room: A kitchen with an oven, a coffee brewer, and a sink with two faucets. Outside of the house is a fireplace, lawn furniture, and a sunshade.

The camper-van has a seat and a water tap in the back compartment. The van's right side is attached with hinge bricks to allow easy access to its interior.

Similar sets

For other sets with houses, see Houses.

6351 Surf N' Sail Camper (1992) is another set that contained a camper van. Interestingly this one features a boat trailer as well. The next camper van was not released until 2009 in the form of 7639 Camper. This time, the van was more spacious, being six studs wide.


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