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6392 Airport is a Town Airport set, that was released in 1985.


The set contains an airport building with control tower, a helicopter, an airplane, a runway, a baggage cart and eight minifigures, including pilots for the plane and the helicopter and a policeman. Together with 6368 Jet Airliner, the set launched the first airplane models which were minifigure compatible, with a number of new elements such as engines, nosecones and airplane window pieces.

The airport building contains a check-in counter, a separate baggage check-in with a x-ray screening machine and a waiting area with two seats on the ground floor. The upper floor contains a small restaurant with two seats and a table.

The airplane has four passenger seats. The helicopter has the call sign LL-BEL ("LL" presumably standing for Legoland, and "BEL" being a reference to Bell Textron the famous real life helicopter manufacturer)

Minifigures Included[]

PilotAirport Employee 1Airport Employee 2Airport Employee 3Police OfficerLadyGuyHelicopter Driver


  • This is the first LEGO System airport out of five released to date - although aircraft and aviation related sets had appeared in the pre-1978 LEGOLAND era. The 6000 LEGOLAND Idea Book from 1979 also contained an airport diorama. although the aircraft builds suggested in the book were not minifigure compatible.
  • This set includes baseplates with a narrow type of runway (green area on both sides of runway is 9-Stud wide). Later airport sets have wider runways (green areas are 7-Stud wide).

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