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6394 Metro Park & Service Tower is a LEGO Town set, that was released under the subtheme Service and Repair in 1988. It contains a multi-story car park, a Shell service station, three cars, a pickup truck, one motorcycle and six Minifigures.


The parking structure and the service station are built on two separate Baseplates, interconnected by hinge bricks, allowing to arrange the buildings either side by side or with their backsides facing each other.

The multi-story car park has two levels that can be accessed via a car elevator that utilizes a rack and pinion mechanism. On the first and second floor are the parking lot. On the ground floor is a car wash with rotating brushes. In front of it is a vacuum station.

The service station has a small shop, a gas pump with two hoses and a pump with one thick hose. On the right is a small area for repairs with a hammer and wrench on a wall.


  • One of the gas pumps is identical to the ones from 6378 Service Station.
  • This is the first set that contains car wash brushes.
  • The set contains several 2x2 tiles with unique print that were not available in any other set. These were the two tiles with the car wash symbols, a tile with a sledgehammer symbol and a tile with a wrench symbol.
  • The set came with an extra paper that changes the instructions to add another middle bracket to hold the elevator rail.

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