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6398 Central Precinct HQ is a Town Rescue set released in 1993. It contains a police building, two police cars, a helicopter, a motorcycle, four police officers and a convict.


The ground floor contains a jail cell and a storage room with several accessories including tools, a walkie-talkie and a metal detector. The first floor contains a lounge with a coffee machine and two office rooms, one was a crime lab featuring photos of wanted criminals on the wall and a fingerprint database on a display table, the other one contains a videophone. Another office which contains a wall mounted map and a computer could be found on the second floor. The topmost floor contains a small room with a bed.

One of the police cars is a simple patrol car, while the other one is a 4WD with spring suspension that carries a shovel, a pickaxe and a backpack.


  • Starting in 1993, police officers were released with new police torso pieces which sported a new emblem. Also, the classic Minifigure heads were abandoned in favour of more personalized faces.
  • This is the fifth police building released to include Minifigures.

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