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6399 Airport Shuttle is a Town Airport set released in 1990. It contains a Monorail track with a monorail train and two way stations, accompanying buildings and accessories, and nine minifigures.


Much like in the first Monorail set, 6990 Monorail Transport System from 1987, the trains consist of two rail cars attached to a central motor module with gear drive. Each car contains a cabin for a driver. One car contains three passenger seats while the second one contains the 9V battery box and just two passenger seats. The drive module is the same white unit that was already present in the older Monorail Transport System but is concealed by a unique red cover element.

The first way station is built on the ground level and consists of a railway platform with two seats and a curved roof. Next to it are two lock boxes. Across the street are a phone booth, two seats and two street lamps. On one side of the support strut of the roof is a sticker with a plan of the monorail track and on the other side a schedule. A nice detail are the signposts with the Airport Shuttle logo on the traffic island.

The platform of the second waystation is on the upper level an can be reached via a long staircase. On the platform are three seats and it has a canopy with a plan of the monorail track and a schedule. Below the platform on the ground level is a hamburger stand with tables in front of it. Inside the stall are tabs for mustard and ketchup as well as several hamburgers (which consist of round 1x1 plates) and a cook. Across the street are two seats and two street lamps. The traffic island is occupied by two trees.

Among the minifigures are a train conductor, a pilot, a baggage porter, a cook, an airport employee (with the airport logo on his torso piece) and four normal passengers.

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  • LEGO also released an accompanying extension set in the same year, 6347 Monorail Accessory Track, which also contains the first LEGO monorail switchtracks.
  • This was the second of just three proper sets with monorail trains and tracks (not counting accessory sets), the other ones being 6990 Monorail Transport System (1987) and 6991 Monorail Transport Base (1994), both from LEGO Space. From these three sets, 6399 Airport Shuttle contains the most pieces and also features the longest monorail track.
  • The logo for the hamburger stand is the same as in 6683 Hamburger Stand, released eight years earlier.
  • The grey baseplate with a green island, Part 309p04, is unique to this set. Variants of the same baseplate with different prints appear in other sets, though.


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