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6404 Carriage Ride is a Paradisa set released in 1996. The set included an arbor with arcades and a picnic area with seats, a horse drawn carriage with a horse, two minifigures and a pony. It has 60 pieces.


At the picnic area are two seats and a small tray with a sunscreen and two cups. The carriage has two seats and is usually pulled by a black horse. Alternatively, the horse can be used for riding since the set also includes a saddle and a black riding helmet.

The two minifigures comprise a male with a tuxedo and a moustache (the typical face for male minifigures featured in Paradisa sets), and a female with shorts and a ponytail.

Minifigures Included



  • This was one of only two sets that contained the pony (or small horse), the other one being 6418 Country Club.
  • The female minifigure's torso only appeared in three other sets, all from 1996.

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