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6416 Poolside Paradise was a medium sized Paradisa set that was released in 1992. Included was a new unique base plate piece with a built in pool. The set also includes four minifigures: two female figures and one male wearing sunglasses, the other male figure was dressed in a waiter's uniform. In addition the set also includes a small open top black car and parrot figure. The Poolside Paradise set like much of the Paradisa Theme sets at the time included rare and somewhat specialist pieces at the time, such as the pink spiral staircase and the convex styled floor to ceiling glass walls for the villa. The set also features a palm tree and a sunken pool that was molded as part of the base, as well as a paved styled driveway for the small car, leading up to the villa.



The set comes with a new baseplate piece featuring a built in pool and a green representing grass.


Included with the set are four minifigures; two male and two female. One of the male minifigures was dressed to look like a waiter consisting of four parts.

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