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|Image = 6440 Jetport Fire Squad.jpg
|Image = 6440 Jetport Fire Squad.jpg
|Item № = 6440
|Item № = 6440
|Pieces = 25
|Pieces = 159
|Minifigures = [[Fireman|Firemen]] (2)
|Minifigures = [[Fireman|Firemen]] (2)
|Price = {{Price
|Price = {{Price

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6440 Jetport Fire Squad is a Town Airport set released in 1991. It contains an Airport Crash Tender and two firemen.


The fire engine has a deluge gun with twin nozzles and a light mounted on its roof. It also included a 9V battery box and electric light & sound brick, with two different siren sounds. There is an extendable fire hose on the side.

The two firemen do not wear the usual uniform. Instead, their torso pieces are labeled with the established LEGO Town airport logo of that era, as with their fire engine. Their accessories include two hatchets and a fire extinguisher.


  • The vehicle is six studs wide, which was unusual for a Town vehicle of this era.

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