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6442 Sting Ray Explorer is a Divers set released in 1997. It contains a submarine, a portion of seafloor with a small reef, a manta ray and three minifigures, including two divers with various equipment.


The submarine is similar, but not quite identical, to the one included in 6441 Deep Reef Refuge and is one of the largest in the whole series. It contains a cockpit with a seat for the pilot and behind it a crew compartment with another seat and computer screen. The aft compartment can be accessed by flipping up its side walls.

The seafloor consist of a triangular BURP and two brown arcs where a barrel with a cutlass is hidden, indicating the position of a lost ship wreck.

The two divers are equipped with diving masks, airtanks and flippers, as well as one harpoon gun and a camera. They also have a small selfpropelled transportframe with headlights and a camera.


  • The set includes optional basecaps for the divers.

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