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6454 Countdown Cruiser is a Space Port set released in 1999. It contains a rocket launch pad, a multistage rocket with a satellite, a small asteroid, and one Astronaut minifigure.


The launch pad consists of a platform with two articulated support arms that flip back when the rocket lifts off. The included rocket consists of three stages. The first stage at the bottom consists of a special 9V battery block that lights up the engines. The second stage contains a small compartment with windows that offers enough space for the included astronaut and can be accessed by flipping up its side cover. The upper stage comprises a satellite with two foldable solar panels. The stages are interconnected with Technic pins.

The asteroid consists of two seperable halves and contains a green crystal.

The rocket's cross section is neither round nor radial symmetric (except the upper stage) due to the use of the 9V segment.


  • This is one of just two sets that contain the 9V block with light-up engines a dark grey-coloured asteroid, and a chrome green crystal, the other one being 6456 Mission Control.


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