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6455 Space Simulation Station is a Space Port set released in 1999. It contains a spaceflight training facility with a human centrifuge, a small spacecraft, a buggy and a control center, as well as three minifigures.


The facility consists of two separate components, each is built on a separate baseplate: the control tower with the launchpad, and a centrifuge. The control tower contains a radar screen and has a golden bowl antenna on its roof. On the ground level are two gas bottles. In front of the tower is an inclinable launch rack for the small spacecraft, which can be accessed via a ladder. The centrifuge has a seat on one end and a counterweight on the other, both attached with hinges.

The spacecraft is basically a cockpit with an open roof and a rocket engine at its rear.

Among the three included Minifigures are Captain Jerry Walker, a Ground Control Member, and Flex Combo.



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