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6456 Mission Control is a Space Port set released in 1999. It contains a shuttle and satellite that can be carried in the shuttle's cargo bay, a launch pad with a mission control center, fuel pump and meteor holder, a meteor, and a moon buggy to carry it.


The shuttle is composed of three separate parts that can be easily separated, allowing the middle section, the cargo bay, to be removed, creating a smaller shuttle. The cargo bay contains a robotic arm which can lift the satellite in and out of the bay. The engine section of the shuttle is mostly composed of a battery-powered light and sound system that can play pre-set sounds and flash the lights in the engine when activated, and is powered by 3 standard AA batteries. Also the main launch tower is most unique. It has a gang-plank, and a swinging clamp arm. The mobile pad in witch the shuttle sits is actually a LEGO-version of a "NASA crawler" that attaches to the tower.

The meteor contains a removable crystal piece. There are four minifigures: Navigator Eena Orbit, Flex Combo, Don Small, and Chris Com Link.

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Once in space, the astronaut releases a satellite with the Canadian arm. Launch pad includes shuttle transporter, radar dish, video surveillance, fuel stand and lab. Comes with 4 mini figures. Features light & Sound engine. Requires 2AA batteries.



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