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6497 Twisted Time Train is a Time Twisters set released in 1997.


The set consists of a long train. It can be divided into three parts:

The Engine

The first portion of the train consists of an engine, and the pilots seat, in which Tony Twister sits.

The Observation Car

The second car consists of a small compartment with a balcony behind that, and what appears to be an observatory on top of the compartment. The observatory is mounted on a TECHNIC peg, and can (presumably) rotate. There is a Fright Knights shield mounted on one side of the compartment.

The Ghost Car

The third car is mainly taken up with another compartment (that vaguely resembles a castle wall), which leaves a small amount of room behind it. On top of the compartment, a ghost resides on a pedestal, and a stone parrot sits on the railing which surrounds the top of the compartment.


  • This is the largest Time Twisters set released.
  • This set is inspired by the Castle theme of Fright Knights.
  • Several Fright Knights parts can be found in the set, such as the large oval Fright Knights shield and Tony's body.

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