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65025 BIONICLE Collector Pack is a combined pack featuring sets: 8533 Gali, 8535 Lewa, 8536 Kopaka, 8541 Matau, 8543 Nokama, and 8544 Nuju. The pack was released in 2001 as a limited edition set. Much information about this set has been lost due to its rarity, including its original pricing, the only source of information available states that this pack was available as a Costco promotion, though this remains unconfirmed.

Set information

The BIONICLE Collector pack contains inside of it all 6 sets featured, including their packaging. It contains 3 Toa Mata, and their respective Turaga.


  • The Collector Pack contains all of the Toa Mata necessary to form the Toa Kaita Wairuha
  • The Turaga contained within the pack can be combined with 8540 Vakama, 8542 Whenua, and 8545 Onewa to make a Turaga-Nui
  • All of the sets contained in the pack come in their own packaging, contained within the overall pack's packaging.
  • It is unknown whether or not a similar pack featuring sets 8534 Tahu, 8531 Pohatu, 8532 Onua, 8540 Vakama, 8542 Whenua, and 8545 Onewa, existed.

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