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6539 Victory Cup Racers is a Town set released in 1993 as part of the Race line. It contains a cart racing venue with a pit stop and a podium, four go-carts, a semi-trailer truck to transport them, a forklift and four minifigures, including a race pilot, a mechanic and drivers for the truck and the forklift.


On the baseplate is a small open shack for cart repairs, containing a car-jack, an oil-drum and a small service cart with spare wheels and tools. Next to the shed is a rack with four race helmets. On the other end of the baseplate is a winner's podium.

Each go-cart has a transport frame in which it can be placed to carry it on the trailer. The tractor unit containes a "sleeper" at its back, which didn't provide enough room for a minifigure though.


  • The tractor unit is virtually identical to the ones from 6348 Surveillance Squad and 6346 Shuttle Launching Crew, it differed only in colour. Another similar tractor was included in 6335 Indy Transport, although that version lacked the bullbar and had different exhaust pipes.
  • The set includes four carts but only one dedicated race pilot. But there are enough helmets to refit the remaining minifigures for a race.

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