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6541 Intercoastal Seaport is a set from LEGO Town's subtheme Nautica released in 1991. It contains a seaport with a fixed wharf, a jetty and a level luffing crane, a cargo ship, a semitrailer truck, two cargo containers and five minifigures.


The wharf consists of two raised plates that were originally conceived as railway platforms for the Trains theme. On this pier is a large rotatable level luffing crane with a control cabin, mounted on four support struts. From the wharf extends a L-shaped jetty with a beacon on a striped column.

The cargo ship is named "DIANA". It has a rotatable crane behind the bow and its superstucture at the aft houses the main bridge. The space below it is empty and cannot be accessed despite the windows. The bridge contains the steering wheel and several controls on two printed 1x2 tiles. It has just enough room for one minifigure and can be accessed by tilting up the roof.

The semitrailer's bed is large enough to hold all two included containers at once. These containers contain a small tractor and a motorcycle.

Among the minifigures are the captain of the ship and a crewman, the crane operator, the truck driver and an angler with a fishing rod.


Minifigures included

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