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6542 Launch & Load Seaport is a set from LEGO Town's subtheme Nautica released in 1991. It contains a seaport with a fixed wharf, a container crane and a guard shack with a turnpike, a cargo ship, a semitrailer truck, five cargo containers, a forklift, a pilot boat and seven Minifigures. It was one of the largest Town sets. This is similar to the new LEGO City harbour set. It has 1,022 pieces.


The wharf consists of five raised plates (one of them is a ramp) that were originally conceived as railway platforms for the Trains theme. The large container crane sits on two sets of rails which allows it to move along the longer section of the pier. The control cabin sits ontop of the crane's trolley. On one end of the wharf is a large fixed dish antenna on a mast, on the other side is a small guard shack with a turnpike. The shack contains a swivel chair and a monitor.

The cargo ship is named "ATLANTIC". Along the deck are several hatches that provide access to the inside of the ship's hull. The containers are stacked on top of these hatches. The ship's superstructure at the aft houses the main bridge. The deck below it is empty and cannot be accessed despite the windows, but is nevertheless big enough for several Minifigures to stand upright. The bridge contains the steering wheel and several controls on two printed 2x2 slopes. It has just enough room for one Minifigure and can be accessed by tilting up the roof.

The pilot boat is labeled "Y19" and contains a small room in front of an open control stand. The interior can be accessed by tilting up the roof of the fore superstructure with the windshield of the bridge.

The semitrailer's bed is large enough to hold two containers at once. Three containers have open sides and contain a small tractor, a large motor and a set of barrels and boxes, respectively. The two other containers (the white ones) are closed and have doors at one end, both of them are empty.


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