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6453 Sail N' Fly Marina is a LEGO Town set released in 1994. It contains a marina with a club-house, an Octan repair shop and a drydock with crane, two racing yachts, a waterplane, a truck, a small motor boat and seven minifigures.


The marina consists of a pier with an repair shop and a club-house on it. As in most other harbor sets, the pier consists of raised plates that were originally conceived as railway platforms for the Trains theme, one of the two plates is a ramp. From the pier extends a jetty with an Octan gas pump at the end. In front of the repair shop is a drydock with a rotatable crane. The Octan shop contains a lathe, a drill press, several smaller tools and an engine-block. The yacht club contains a room with a radar screen and a lifevest, and a small restaurant with a bar and an outdoor dining area. Next to it is small jetty with a beacon an a striped post.

The marina apparently serves as venue for yacht races. On the small motor boat is a checkered flag for the race organizer. Next to the repair shop is a schedule for the races. According to the schedule the first race is at 10:00, the second at 10:30, the third at 11:00 and the final at 12:00. Also included are two buoys with flags.

The two yachts have both only a single seat for the their pilots and a large engine at the aft, covered by a hood. The red yacht also has a hatch in front of the windshield that allows to access the interior.

The pontoon plate is a one-seater and has a three-bladed propeller.

Among the seven minifigures are the two drivers of the yachts, the pilot of the plane, a waiter for the yacht-club, the race organizer, a mechanic and an Octan employee.


The striped slope pieces that make up the awning of the club house appeared in only one other set, 6489 Seaside Holiday Cottage.

Minifigures Included

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A boat racerA boat racerA plane racerA jet skierAn octan workerA workerA waiter

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