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6544 Shuttle Transcon 2 is a Launch Command set released in 1995. It contains 320 pieces, building a shuttle carrier aircraft, a space shuttle, a car to tow the aircraft, and three minifigures, including an astronaut and two crewman.


The plane has four jet engines mounted beneath the wings. On the outside of the fuselage are four storage compartments, two on each side. Behind the cockpit is a cabin with a radar screen, which can be accessed by tilting up the roof. In front of the vertical stabilizer is a small storage room whose roof can be opened separately.

The shuttle is identical to the one included in 6339 Shuttle Launch Pad, as is the satellite stored in its cargo bay. The shuttle bears the number "3" while the other one has the number "2".

The included car has a tow bar for the plane and thus acts as a follow-me car and as pushback tractor.

This set also includes a wrench, a hammer, an oilcan, an open-end wrench, a power drill, and a screwdriver from the "wheel of tools".


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