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6557 Treasure Hunters is a Divers set released in 1997. It contains a boat with a winch, a small submarine, a portion of seafloor, a manta ray and three Minifigures.


The boat is equipped with a winch to tow in the submarine which can be placed on the aft of the ship. The boat's deck house contains just the steering wheel and is made up of a piece that is usually used for cabins of trains.

The small submarine is identical to the one from 6599 Shark Attack. It doesn't have any internal space besides the cockpit, has only enough room for one Minifigure. It is equipped with an external camera, a searchlight and features a propeller at the rear. The cockpit is protected by a dome-shaped window, as all other LEGO Divers submarines, and contains a lever.

On the seafloor are several brown arcs that indicate the wreck of a ship. Interestingly, there is no treasure.


  • The blue diver down flag ("Alpha" flag) on the boat indicates limited maneuverability due to ongoing diving operations, while the red flag indicates the presence of divers and notifies other boats to stay clear.
  • The sub and the boat are both labeled with the registration number "557", which are the three last digits of this set's number (6557). All larger seagoing vessels featured in Divers set follow this numbering scheme, except the vehicles included in 1782 Discovery Station which are labeled with the numbers "XR1" to "XR3".

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