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6558 Shark Cage Cove is a Divers set released in 1997. It contains a boat with a shark cage, an underwater landscape with a reef and treasure, two sharks and a sawfish, as well as three minifigures, including two divers.


The boat is equipped with a crane for hoisting the shark cage. The deckhouse contains a steering wheel and a radar screen and has a rotatable radar antenna on its roof. On a mast, the boat flies two diver down flags.

The reef consists of several BURPs and is built onto a 16x32 baseplate. The treasure hidden inside it consists of a barrel with four gold coins and a large silver sword, as well as a chest filled with four other gold coins, five gems (1x1 rounds) and two silver knives.

The equipment comprises a life vest for the captain of the boat and the typical diving gear for the two divers (mask, airtank, flippers), as well as a harpoon gun and a small scooter. The set includes optional caps for the divers.


  • The blue diver down flag ("Alpha" like flag) on the boat indicates that divers are operating in the area around the boat.

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