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This article is based on a set that was not released.
Although this article is based on an official subject, its was never officially released or produced.
The name of this set is conjectural.
Although this article is based on an official subject, its actual name is pure conjecture.

6570 Snowmobile is an unreleased Arctic set. It contains a snowmobile and one minifigure. However, it is obtainable as part of the 6520 Mobile Outpost set.


The snowmobile is orange and has a storage box at its aft. On top of it is a flagpole with a pennant labeled with the number "70". The minifigure is wearing green parka printed with the Arctic logo. It's also equipped with yellow snowshoes and a yellow backpack. Other included accessories are an ice axe, a walkie talkie, a camera and binoculars.


  • This set did not appear in any catalogs.
  • This is not the box art but the last instruction manual picture for building the model.
  • A similar model was found in the book, LEGO: Mission in the Arctic, though it was called the Snow Scout.

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