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6597 Century Skyway is a Flight set released in 1994. It contains an airport terminal, a control tower, a small hangar, a runway, a gangway, several ground support vehicles, a cargo helicopter with tandem rotors, a small helicopter, an aeroplane and twelve Minifigures, including pilots for the plane and the helicopters, and a policeman.


The included ground vehicles comprise of a small tank truck, a baggage car and a forklift.

The airport building contains a check-in counter, a separate baggage check-in, a display, three lockers, a phone booth and a waiting area with two seats on the ground floor. The upper floor contains two seats with a table and a small observation platform.

The aeroplane has four passenger seats and a small baggage compartment.

The set also includes a small hand truck, a total of eight suitcases and three cargo containers.


  • This was the third LEGO System airport out of five released to date. It was also the one that contained the most pieces and Minifigures, as well as the most aircraft (two helicopters and a plane).
  • This set was re-released in 2004 as 10159 City Airport. There were, however, some slight differences.

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