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6599 Shark Attack is a Divers set released in 1997. It contains a small submarine and two Minifigures, including a diver and the pilot of the sub. It comes with 3 different sharks, including a sawfish.


The small submarine is identical to the one from 6557 Treasure Hunters. It doesn't have any internal space besides the cockpit and has only enough room for one Minifigure but can't transport any cargo. It is equipped with an external camera, a searchlight and features a propeller at the rear. The cockpit is protected by a dome-shaped window, as all other LEGO Divers submarines, and contains a lever.

The diver is equipped with a diving mask, an air tank, flippers and a harpoon gun. There is no optional diving gear for the pilot who has a head piece with a printed on headset and wears a black cap.


  • The set by itself doesn't feature any sharks, despite the name, however, the set was later boxed with bonus sharks in a deluxe set.
  • The sub bears the number "599" on its hull, following the established numbering scheme of using the last three digits of the sets reference number for vessels, as in all other Divers sets except 1782 Discovery Station.

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