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6625 Speed Trackers is a Town Rescue set released in 1996. It contains a police car, a motorcycle and two police officers.


The set features the following items:-

  • A single seater patrol car, which has no doors entry is by the roof/window which is hinged from the lighting rig on the very top of the vehicle. There is also a square opening to the rear of the driver to store the speed gun add on for the megaphone clipped to the rear of the vehicle.
  • A motorcycle that is a single piece design, with a few lights and logos.
  • Mini Figure 1 - Is wearing a black police uniform and a brown hair do.
  • Mini Figure 2 - Is wearing a black police uniform and a white crash helmet.
  • A megaphone that doubles as a speed gun once attached to the 2 bricks stored behind the driver.


  • The police car was one of just two outside of the World City theme that had red and blue lightbars, the other one was included in 6354 Pursuit Squad.


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