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6702 Space Mini-Figures is a Supplementary set released in 1986 for the Space theme.


It came with 56 pieces making the average price per piece eight cents. The pieces included were to build two robots and four astronauts. One robot is assembled from seven pieces, while Roger Robot consists of six pieces. Each astronaut (colored black, blue, red, and yellow) consists of five pieces, although the yellow astronaut has an additional six pieces for a jetpack in lieu of the standard airtanks. The set also includes five extra additional accessories. The reason this does not count up to 56 pieces in total is because of LEGO's separation difference in 1986 from today.

LEGO Description This is a description taken from 1987 Mail Order Service catalog. Do not modify it.

AGES 6-12 Add to your Space Crew with this assortment of 4 Space Mini Figures and 2 Robots. 37 pieces.

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