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6735 Air Chase is an Island Xtreme Stunts set released in 2002. Included in the set is a white seaplane with slender pontoons, an orange paraglider, The Brickster, and Snap Lockitt.


  • The seaplane has a black propeller, wings that fold back and forth, and shark stickers. The pilot of the seaplane is the Brickster.
  • The orange para-glider has a propeller, and a rare black tube. It's pilot is Snap Lockitt.
  • According to the back of the box, you can change it into a double jet ski, or two separate jet ski's.
  • The Brickster's blue hand is in this picture on his right arm.
  • The plane has rare metallic 1x2 grille pieces.
  • The glider has a special red slope piece with the Xtreme Stunts logo on it.


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